California Central University(CCU) is committed to developing leaders, who are centered around Christian values, for contemporary academic practices. Our focus on leadership is grounded in such core values as integrity, stewardship, and compassion.

We honor their entrepreneurial spirit by delivering a learning experience that is relevant and practical in an ever-changing environment. Our approach is hands-on, experiential and results-oriented. Courses are taught from a global perspective by faculty who are skilled both in the classroom and in the field. As a result, our students are better prepared to anticipate and make changes at all levels.

Your CCU education is an investment that will provide a lifetime of value for you and the organization that you lead. Earning your doctorate, master, or bachelor degree at the CCU will challenge you, inspire you, and ultimately enable you to achieve your potential for both personal and professional growth.

We believe that students ought to begin with a commitment to outstanding academics. But there are other elements that are also important.
Students need a heart for excellence and a soul that makes big plans and aims high. In addition, without a foundation of ethics, character, and faith, we believe true success is impossible.

We think that you would greatly profit from the education and environment of CCU.