Theology is a science in which people study of God and His relationship with human being. As such, it is a broad discipline which includes basic science and application of science to ethical and spiritual life of human being.


Bachelors in Theology


Candidate must earn 120 credit units with a 2.0 grade average by completing the course requirements as described below. Satisfaction of all financial obligations.


High school diploma


REQUIRED: 99 units
General Education Courses: 24 units
Biblical Study Courses: 36 units
Historical Study Courses: 12 units
Systematic Study Courses:  9 units
Practical Study Courses:  9 units
Missiological Courses:  9 units
ELECTIVE: 21 units
General Education Courses:  9 units
Biblical, Historical, Systematic, Practical and Missiological Courses: 12 units
Total: 120 units

California Central University’s Courses of General Education are composed of:

English, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Education, Economics, Logics and Science & Technology.

For complete information regarding course offerings please refer to the catalog.

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