The degree of the Doctor of Theology is designed for those who are capable of doing research at the highest level with a view to their becoming scholars and educational leaders in various fields of Christian Ministry. This is the highest academic degree.


Doctor of Theology


Students in the Doctor of Theology program must complete 54 units of study. A minimum grade of 2.7(B-) must be received in every course credited toward graduation. The student will undertake supervised research either independently or as a member or a team. Assessment is by means of a thesis of 100,000 words which must demonstrate the capacity to pursue original research and should represent a distinct and significant contribution to the subject.


The Doctor of Theology applicant must hold the Masters in Theology degree, must have an academic record that demonstrates superior ability, and must pass satisfactory a written examination in the field of his or her intended major and an oral examination of his or her Christian experience.


Required: 40 units
Elective: 8 units
Written Dissertation: 6 units
Total: 54 units

For complete information regarding course offerings please refer to the catalog.

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