California Central University, a non-profit Christian University in Los Angeles, California, exists to equip committed Christians for leadership in the church, world missions, education, and society.

We are committed not only to education but education that is centered on Christ, His Great Commission, and the Word of God. Our focus is training those who have a desire to impact the world for Christ by grounding their spirits, hearts, and minds in the Bible.

In order to carry out the mission of the school, California Central University embraces the following statements of purpose:

  • Exhibit the academic excellence demanded of an institution of higher learning
  • Train students based on a central theological orientation – the Word of God
  • Nurture the interpersonal skills and relationships of our students necessary for success
  • Develop the confidence and abilities of our students to effectively use their skills in evangelism, discipleship and social services
  • Provide educational services that will equip students to assist the world wide church in its manifold ministries in local parishes, parachurch, societal agencies, and educational institutions.
  • Measure student learning outcomes through a variety of means. The use of a standard academic grading standard is one. Another is the development of theses and various papers which demonstrate students’ understanding of the principles taught at the institution. Finally, the fact that students stay in the programs of study is a measurable outcome of their satisfaction with the program