California Central University’s Distance Education programs are approved degree courses that are approved for offering as residence programs; Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate programs. Programs through distance education follow all the same guidelines for admission and graduation as the resident programs.

  1. Student registers for course. Confirmation email or letter sent to the student verifying registration.
  2. Student is sent the course information guide (Syllabus) within the first week of registration.
  3. Student submits a first assignment to the Distance Education Office by the add/drop date. If not received by the add/drop date, you at risk of being dropped from the course according to the University policies. 
  4. The first assignment helps the instructor learn your goals for the course and proves the student is engaged in the course.
  5. Students complete assignments, makes a copy for their records and either mails or emails the original to the Distance Education Office.
  6. The Distance Education Office date stamps and logs the receipt of the assignments. 
  7. Assignments are sent to the instructor for grading.
  8. Instructor returns graded assignments to the Distance Education Office where it is recorded and returned to the student within a 10 ten period. 
  9. Steps are repeated until the student has completed all course requirements, including the final exam. 
  10. The instructor submits final course grade to the Distance Education Office.
  11. The Distance Education office logs official grade and informs the student of the grade.

All written correspondence between you and your instructor must be sent through the Distance Education Office. DO NOT send assignments or exams directly to your instructor. For further information please contact the Distance Education Office.

Please send assignments, papers and other correspondence to:
Email: [email protected] Fax: (213)381-7337 ATTN: Distance Education Office Address:Distance Education Office – Correspondence StudyCalifornia Central University520 S. La Fayette Park Pl. Suite #103Los Angeles, CA 90057

(Please include your Course name and number, Instructor name, and Student name and identification number, which will be issued to you upon enrollment acceptance)